Be the hero
in your own story

I guide high level professionals
through life transitions

Rewrite your story while you’re still living it
Stop merely surviving, start truly thriving
Create deeper, more meaningful relationships
Love your days, no matter the circumstances
Tap into the power of hope

Michele, age 41, is a partner in a large law firm with two young children. When her husband Matt is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she feels like she is drowning in grief, heartbreak, and fear. Each night after taking care of Matt and putting her kids to bed, she crawls into bed and numbs herself with Netflix and wine. She’s afraid to tell the other partners at the firm how bad things are, so she stuffs her pain deep inside and prays that it will all go away.

After years of hustling, Stephen was named CEO of his mid-size company. After long days at the office he helps his kids with their homework, takes out the trash, and feels guilty that he’s not really making an impact in the world. He’s spent so many years following in his father’s footsteps, providing for his family, and hustling to get ahead, he has no idea what he wants anymore. He tries to stay one step ahead of the ache, but he can feel it creeping closer day-by-day. He knows that if he died tomorrow, he’d have serious regrets.

Your transition may be sudden, your life turned upside down in one phone call. Or perhaps it has arisen gradually. A nagging sense that you’re missing something, despite having everything you ever wanted.

However you got here, you’re now aware of the hardest and most beautiful reality: this life will come to an end.

I see you, you are not alone. You can let this obstacle become an opening. An opportunity to finally come home to yourself and discover a deep sense of meaning and purpose. To get curious about what this situation might be able to teach you. Open to the possibility that you can write a beautiful story here and now with whatever circumstances you’re facing. Connect to the wellbeing that’s already inside you, the spark of light that will carry you through this and whatever else life brings your way.

If you don’t change something you’ll:
Die with regrets
Remain a victim of your circumstances
Fail to have the conversations that really matter
Continue feeling stuck and powerless
Miss out on your true potential

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