“It’s not so much meaning
we are looking for but the sense of being fully alive.”

~ Joseph Campbell

My name is Catherine Hammond.


Many people know me as the award-winning estate planning attorney and transformational coach who serves her community from the heart, building relationships that make clients feel like family.What most people don’t know about me is that I started the law firm at my kitchen table in 2005 while I was a single mother. I refinanced my house to create just $12,000 of seed money in order to start it. Everybody told me I was undercapitalized, but I was on a mission to help people.

What you probably also don’t know is that the journey has been a challenging one. A traumatic childhood, being caregiver for my mother with dementia starting at age 22, divorce, the loss of people dear to me, foreclosure proceedings on my house while I was a single mom, and caring for multiple loved ones with terminal and life-threatening challenges.

Through most of these challenges I tried to hold it all together on the outside, even as I was falling apart on the inside. I have truly had the highest highs and the lowest lows that I can imagine squeezing into one lifetime.

Through every struggle life has brought my way I’ve found a way to thrive on the other side.

There are many things that I’m proud of: raising my two daughters and watching them become beautiful humans. Being Mimi to three amazing granddaughters. Guiding an untold number of people through planning for and navigating their own challenges including illness, end-of-life decisions, and death.

They call me the Hope Whisperer.

I’ve done a lot of work on myself, using every obstacle and adversity in my own life as a catalyst to become my best self, someone who can guide others through the most difficult situations and transitions. Oh, and I took that law firm from my kitchen table to a multi-million dollar estate planning business (Hammond Law Group).

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